Cover for “Gift of Chance”

Gift 1AjsqThis is the cover design for my forthcoming debut novel Gift of Chance, the first book of the Nagaro Chronicle. I decided to make it very clear that it was Book 1 by numbering it right on the cover. The intention is to keep that black bar at the top of the covers of future titles in the series, with sequential numbering: 1, 2, 3, etc.. so it’s easy to keep them in order. I intend there to be six or seven titles depending on how I divide up Nagaro’s story. And it is all one story, covering ten years of his life from age 18 to age 27. (The most interesting years of a very interesting life, trust me.)

Readers should not fear to give Gift of Chance a try just because it’s the first in a series. The ending of this first book brings the protagonist to a safe harbor (literally). While there are obviously plot elements remaining to be pursued, the book does not end on a cliffhanger. So if you’re not completely taken with Nagaro by the end of Book 1, you can easily walk away. But if you do like this young man… hey, there’s more! I have his entire story written, and Book 2 is already going into the final editing stages even as Book 1 moves towards publication. I intend to get these books out one after the other, as fast as the publication team at Cor Corvorum can push them. I know nobody likes a long wait between books in a continuing story.