Conversational Wordsmith

On Leadership and Followership

These are ideas that I elaborated some time ago in a completely different context, but in an election year, they seemed apropos. Not everyone is, or can be, or even should be, a leader. What is a ship at sea full of nothing but captains? Everyone wanting to give the orders and nobody wanting to

Pushing Back the Darkness

In my heart I am dedicated to the effort of pushing back the darkness, or at least holding it at bay. By darkness I don’t mean some kind of ultimate evil that’s at war with the light. I only mean all the subtle and not-so-subtle ills that afflict the world at the hands of humankind.

Keeping the reader guessing

It’s usually considered a good idea not to have your story be too predictable. Some genres, such as mysteries and thrillers, really require this. Others, like fantasy, not so much. Personally I think that striking writing can trump plot – that a work with a fairly conventional story line can be so poetic or poignant